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  2. New York and Boston personal injury lawyer

    Orwell Jon Simpson

    The attorney firm of Orwell Jon Simpson, exclusively handles personal injury cases for businesses and individuals. From our New York and Boston locations, our legal team serves communities throughout Southwest Massachusetts. After nearly 18 years in private practice, attorney Orwell Jon Simpson has earned a reputation for being a dedicated and aggressive advocate for his clients and achieving justice through proven results.

    Orwell Jon Simpson has made a career of helping injured residents of Southwest Massachusetts. A keen focus on personal injury law allows him to devote the necessary resources to helping accident victims recover compensation that is owed to them.

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  5. Our Strategic Advance

    1. Over 90% of cases were won in court in 2014*.

    2. Perfect knowledge of your case and ability to fully represent you better than you can imagine.

    3. Full focus on the client’s case with only one lawyer overseeing the growth of the case. We do not delegate work to juniors.

    4. Special focus on child alienation with 100% of cases won in this area.

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